Minting L2 NFT’s on Loopring just got a whole lot easier.

This article was originally published on Friday, May 20th, 2022 @ 1:18p EST

Today, Loopring released their updated “NFT L2” user interface which makes the L2 NFT minting process significantly easier for everyone.

Let’s take a look at just how easy their new NFT minting process is to complete.

The first step is to navigate to the new “L2 NFT” tab from within your Loopring account, here you’ll find the “Create NFT” button.

Clicking the “Create NFT” button will bring you to the new “Mint NFT” page which looks like this;

On the “Create NFT” page you can drag and drop the image for your new NFT into the “upload image” area, or you can click inside that area to browse through your local files. 

You’ll also find the following additional fields (on the right) to provide additional information about your NFT; 

  • Name (required).
  • Collection (coming soon).
  • Royalty % (revenue from future sales that will be routed back to you, maximum of 10%).
  • Amount (how many copies you’d like to mint).
  • Description (description of your NFT).
  • Properties (key value pairs, maximum of 5).
Here’s an example of what it looks like with these fields filled in.

The final step is to click the confirmation checkbox located under the image, once that’s been selected you’ll see the “Upload Metadata & Mint” button turns blue and you’re ready to mint your new NFT.

Once you click that, you’ll need to sign the request with one final click and that’s literally all it takes to mint your shiny new NFT.

Before today’s update there were more technical steps that needed to be followed in order to successfully mint an NFT on Loopring L2 which included;

  • Uploading the image to IPFS
  • Writing a metadata.json file and then uploading that to IPFS before completing the minting process.
Today, Loopring has simplified this process and lowered the barrier to NFT entry to a far less technical level.

Why is this important?

The entire L2 NFT minting process can now be completed within Loopring’s ecosystem and is another step forward for NFT-minting scalability and accessibility.
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