NFT’s for Charity: Transparency Report #1

This article was originally published on Monday, May 16th, 2022 @ 11:47a EST

The “NFT’s for Charity: Count up to MOASS” charity drive officially kicked off over on r/ApePhilanthropy on Monday, May 9th, 2022 and this first transparency report is being published to provide additional insight into the progress and donations that have been made so far.

Donations Summary: Week #1

NFT's for Charity: Donations, week #1

Donors Summary: Week #1

NFT's for Charity: Donors, week #1

Total Donations: Week #1

  • Individual Donors: 13

  • LRC Donated: 803.436

  • On Saturday, May 14th, I matched all current donations with a 349.218 LRC donation of my own.

Donations Ledger: Week #1

The screenshots below are from the Loopring L2 donations wallet @ NathanEllo.Loopring.eth

You can browse all transactions for the donations wallet on Loopring’s L2 explorer here.

Additional notes

  • There have been 2 additional donations received to this wallet which are also pictured below for +50LRC and +21.927 LRC. 

  • Those 2x donations are not included in the charts above and they will be included in the 2nd transparency report.

  • The matching 349.218 LRC donation I made on May 14th was on L1, that transaction can be found here on Etherscan.
NFT's for Charity: Donations Ledger Week 1, Part 1
NFT's for Charity: Donations Ledger Week 1, Part 2

Additional Information: Week #1

  • I have emailed a list of proposed donation items to St. Jude Children’s Hospital for their approval to ensure all items purchased from GameStop for donation are acceptable. I am still waiting on their final confirmation and once they’ve responded I will update this section with the list of items they’ve approved. My proposed list included; crayons & coloring books, stuffed animals, board games, t-shirts, puzzles and action figures.

  • I have emailed GameStop’s customer support to see if they’d be willing to match any portion of these donations in the form of a coupon code. My proposal was 5-10% off these purchases to help maximize the impact of our LRC donations. Again, I am still waiting on their reply and once I hear back from them I will update this post.

  • This week I’d tried posting about this charity drive over on r/SuperStonk twice and both posts were removed. Since then, I’ve been in touch with their mod team and they’ve helped provide additional guidance on how these posts can be better formatted for r/SuperStonk. I will continue posting daily updates for this charity drive over on r/ApePhilanthropy and will have a properly formatted post for r/SuperStonk very soon as well.

  • Until I’ve received responses from GameStop and St. Jude the LRC donations will remain untouched within the donations wallet. I am optimistic I’ll hear back from them this week and after that I’ll be able to convert the LRC to USD and make the purchases over at GameStop to donate to St. Jude. When this happens, I will provide another transparency report with photos of everything purchased from GameStop (including a receipt from GameStop) and photos of me dropping off all the goodies for the kids at St. Jude.

  • Edit: All responses from GameStop + St. Jude Children’s Hospital can be found in my second transparency report right here.
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