February 18, 2022

This SuperStonk daily digest was published on February 18, 2022 @ 5:05p EST

Table of Contents

  1. $GME closing price was red 🟥 -1.47%
  2. Citadel is under investigation by DOJ?
  3. SEC approved 1st blockchain xchange.
  4. Stock market liquidity is evaporating💧
  5. Lots more DRS 🟣 posts in my feed.
  6. Apes meme game has been strong 💪🏻
  7. Reminder: Market is closed on Monday.
  8. I slapped the ask 2x 🧱 today, hbu?
  9. L1 NFT minting available on loopring.io
  10. Ortex utilization for GME is still @ 100%
  11. Vol @ close ~1.5M, < 10-day avg 2.68M
  12. Daily RRP @ $1.674T, ~$21.2B average.
  13. New DD posts linked in comments 🤓
  14. More trending 🧵’s, links in comments.

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Notes from OP: Happy Friday everyone, I’ll be taking the weekend off and perhaps Monday since the market will be closed for President’s Day. Items marked with an asterisk (*) above include Links to relevant posts that were not originally published today.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and if you have any other noteworthy news to add I encourage you to post a headline, summary and link to your source in the comments.

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tldr; Here’s what happened today… (SuperStonk Daily Digest for Feb. 18, 2022) from Superstonk

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