February 9, 2022

This SuperStonk daily digest was published on February 9, 2022 @ 5:20p EST

Table of Contents

  1. Second green close in a row 🟩 +7.52%
  2. Ortex data w/$GME utilization @ 100%
  3. T+1 settlements proposed @ SEC meet.
  4. Rule NSCC-2021-010 is delayed again.
  5. XRT short interest closing in on 1300%
  6. Melvin Capital under DOJ investigation.
  7. I DRS’ed another 12 bricks 🟣 hbu?
  8. White House warning high YoY inflation.
  9. Daily RRP @ $1.653T, ~$21.5B avg.
  10. Links to today’s educational posts 🤓
  11. Today’s honorable mention threads 🏆

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Notes from OP: As always, your feedback is welcomed and if you have any other noteworthy news to add I encourage you to post a headline, summary and link to your source in the comments.

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tldr; Here’s what happened today… (SuperStonk Daily Digest for Feb. 9, 2022) from Superstonk

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