January 23, 2022

This SuperStonk daily digest was published on January 23, 2022 @ 6:09p EST

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  1. DTCC’s FTD fines are laughably low.
  2. Jim Iannazzo from Meryl Lynch got fired over the contents of this video.
  3. GME Q4 ends Jan. 29th, ~7 days left to DRS 🟣  and/or spend your gift cards.
  4. An old video about how IOU’s are used to cellar box companies resurfaced.
  5. A Tweet from @WetDirtKurt resonated with over 20K Apes (20K+ updoots).
  6. Apes were reminded about all 400+ talented people GameStop has hired.
  7. An old GameStop tween made me smile.
  8. Tons more purple circle posts in my feed all day, DRS wave 3 is strong 💪
  9. New addition to Apex’s DRS discussion.
  10. Another old DD post was resurrected.
  11. The sneeze-iversary* is almost here 🚀

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Notes from OP

👆🏻  My intent here isn’t to hype any specific date(s), or make any promises I can’t keep, but rather to encourage Apes (both new and old) to find a moment to reflect on your own GME-journey.

PS: Thank YOU for the overwhelming support of this “Daily Digest” format. If you have anything to add to the discussion, or if there’s anything noteworthy I’ve missed, please drop a link in the comments ❤️ 🙌

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tldr; Here’s what happened today… from Superstonk

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