January 24, 2022

This SuperStonk daily digest was published on January 24, 2022 @ 4:00p EST

Table of Contents

  1. The markets went on a wild ride 🎢
  2. DRS 🟣  wave-3 is still going strong.
  3. DD on IRA’s used for naked shorting.
  4. Loopring’s GitHub updated for NFT’s.
  5. VIX went up again (Daily High @ 38.94)
  6. Evergrande somehow up +3.91% (+7¢)
  7. The POTUS tweeted yesterday.
  8. The Apex/Ally discussion is still alive.
  9. Video about SC from 2017 was posted.
  10. Wes Christian/David Wegner interview.
  11. $HOOD sets new 52-week low @ $11.15
  12. Quick reminder about GME’s Q4 report.
  13. Apes predict another MSM narrative.
  14. New DD posted about Marge calling?
  15. Patrick Byrne lost video resurfaces.
  16. 800K shares worth of puts (so far).
  17. SEC awards $40M to 4x whistleblowers.
  18. GME dipped sub-$90 & filled a gap.
  19. Daily RRP @ $1.614T (81 parties).
  20. Dave Lauer tweets rumor about Melvin.

Links from OP

^ Note: I started writing this post earlier in the day and when the DJIA was approximately -$1,100 I’d assumed these links to a sea-of-red would still be relevant by market close… I’m going to leave these in the daily archive, but please let me know if items (like this one) that have changed throughout the day should be omitted from future posts.

^ Other note about #11: This was an intraday low, RH did NOT close at this price.

Original Reddit post

tldr; Here’s what happened today (so far)… from Superstonk

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