January 25, 2022

This SuperStonk daily digest was published on January 25, 2022 @ 4:03p EST

Table of Contents

  1. SPY briefly won market-limbo today 🏆
  2. SPY x S&P 500 data debunking party.
  3. Historical NASDAQ pre-crash data 👀
  4. Dr. PP’s meme game is still strong 🤣
  5. Peak6 x Apex conversation continued.
  6. Matt Maley kept saying the “M” word.
  7. Whales big and small DRS’ed w/CS 🟣
  8. D. Lauer tweets some more heat 🌶️
  9. Is PornHub down? SEC (CHI) tweets 2x.
  10. Another quick GME Q4 report reminder.
  11. MW (MarketWatch) continues playing both sides.
  12. Melvin’s out of clever new fund names.
  13. XRT (ETF) SI% continues swinging wildly.
  14. Credit Suisse has looming Q4 issues.
  15. Mid-day-ish heatmap was quite red 🩸
  16. Shark Tank was interrupted by Cokerat.
  17. Daily RRP $1.599T (81 counterparties, ~$19.7B avg)
  18. GME closing price was red by <1% 🔴

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tldr; Here’s what happened today… from Superstonk

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